Ashtin + Meagan's Wedding - Brik Venue Wedding Photographer {Fort Worth, Texas}

A few snaps from the wedding of the absolutely lovely Ashtin and Meagan. So utterly kind and genuine are just a couple trademarks of theses two and their love. Everyone would agree - this couple has a lot to celebrate, look forward to, and share (that being the love they radiate 100% of the time). The love that surrounds them, seen in the support and care of the guests that attended their ceremony and ensuing celebration, is an evident motivation for the beautiful character that each of them posses. 
I was absolutely honored to be in the midsts of such a crowd and such an amazing couple. Humbled by their love; inspired by their relationship - I was for sure one of the many that took away from this wedding a refreshed spirit and desire to be a better person and strive for higher behavior. Even the words of their officiant, Todd, was truly moving; and not only the words but also his attitude and his beautiful family. It's not very often that I hear words from on officiant that truly move me. But this was an exception. 

This wedding was defiantly a benchmark for 2016 weddings. I'm so honored to share a few images from their Brik Venue wedding, in Fort Worth, Tx.  It is mine and Lauren's hope that they inspire you and we wish you all a blessed new year!

To watch a 5 min slideshow from their wedding day, click here


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