Clint+Bethany's Wedding {DFW, Texas}

I received a phone call on a Wednesday asking if I would be available to photograph a small, courthouse wedding 3 days later on Saturday. That evening I met up with Clint and Bethany to see if we would all be a good fit to work together. After an hour and 45min of laughing we were all in agreement that this would be a great fit. They told me that they had been checking out our website for months while planning their wedding. When I asked them why they were waiting until only 3 days before their wedding to reach out to us they told me that while right smack in the middle of planning a big hoopla of a wedding they each realized that that kind of wedding was not what either of them really wanted. They both just wanted a simple quiet wedding. Hearing that I couldn't applaud them more. I mean, to have courage to abandon your big wedding plans that you have spent months working on - they even lost their deposit when they canceled their venue reservation! - to pursue something that you truly want, that takes guts. 

3 days later we met at a sub courthouse in town and along with a small gathering of their close family, Clint and Bethany had one of the sweetest, most intimate ceremonies I've ever witnessed in my 14 + years of using my camera to document weddings. We broke during the heat of the day and met back up a few hours later for a portrait session that started near the heart of Downtown Fort Worth and continued on to the hiking trails at Tandy Hills Natural Area and a hillside stop to watch the sunset. All culminating in a great way to end their wedding day.  This is a small sampling of their wedding album. 

"Clint and I can't stop talking about Saturday and how the experience we had up there on the hill was almost spiritual. We can't thank you enough for making that happen. So grateful!"

- Bethany.

I'm so greatful for these two and the trust they put in us to document their wedding day.

To see a slideshow of their wedding pics set to music, click here