Michael + Fiona's Wedding {Weatherford, Texas}

I have been looking forward to Michael+Fiona's wedding for a while now. I love these two people. They are so adventurous, free spirited, funny, and never boring. I knew this a few minutes into their engagement session. Their wedding was fun and had never a dull moment.

I was very excited to shoot this wedding not only because Michael + Fiona are so down to earth cool, but also because this would be the first time my wife, Lauren, would be joining me as the second photographer. I think it not only added to the album, but it brought a sense of unity to the photography and the way I shot this wedding. If you know my wife, you know how passionate she is about life. It comes through in her approach to shooting weddings. We both had a great time and are so excited to share Michael + Fiona's photographs.

These two are very genuine people. Something that is a rare find in most people. There are sweet moments captured and fun, silly ones too. It's easy to see why Michael + Fiona are together - Their love of honesty, humor, and adventure are a few things that connect them. I love every minute I get to spend with these two.

Much peace and love to you Michael + Fiona.