Slice Of Life - The Young Family

Here are some pics from a recent "Day In The Life" session.

Meet the Young family: Gustuf, Bethy, Raz, and Lola.  They allowed me to come and spend a Sunday morning with them and document their family. Starting off with some dad-made waffles for breakfast on the picnic table, then onto some family music time, followed by a short nature walk before I headed back to my family.

For a family to invite me into their home requires trust. Day In The Life sessions are something I take very seriously and approach with a calm respect; a respect for the emotional dynamics of each family and and understanding that I am in their personal space. The legendary photojournalist, Robert Capa once said: "If your pictures aren't good enough, you're not close enough". I take that into these sessions, but always try to put my self in their shoes. Being a husband and father my self, I document families with sympathy. I try to treat the families the way I would want someone to treat mine. At least thats my goal. 
I'm very thankful to the Young family for allowing me to come into their home and spend the day with them.

I hope you enjoy looking through their album here.