Brandon + Maria's Wedding {Times Ten Cellars, Ft. Worth, TX}

Brandon and Maria - a few snaps from their Sunday wedding at Times Ten Cellars.

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Ray + Roxy - Surprise Proposal

What a great way to begin the new year! 
Ray asked me if I would be available to photograph his proposal to his beautiful fiancee, Roxy.  My calendar just barely worked out so that I was available and away we went. It was a beautiful moment between two people in love. Ray planned to have Roxy driven to the location where he was waiting with music and a ring and hope. It turned out to be a beautiful day. The preceding day was terrible - cold and windy....

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Ashtin + Meagan's Wedding - Brik Venue Wedding Photographer {Fort Worth, Texas}

A few snaps from the wedding of the absolutely lovely Ashtin and Meagan. So utterly kind and genuine are just a couple trademarks of these two and their love. Everyone would agree that this couple has a lot to celebrate, look forward to, and share (that being the love they radiate 100% of the time).

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Kathryn + Levi's Wedding {Weston Gardens, Ft. Worth, Texas}

Warm. Genuine. Heart felt. These words describe the character of both Kathryn and Levi. 

We were honestly humbled to be invited to be a part of their wedding celebration.

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Polanski Family: Day In The Life

I recently spent the day with some old friends of ours, The Polanski's. Their beautiful little daughter, Francis, was a such a little ball of life and spunk.

 Here are a few snaps from a recent Day In The Life/portrait session with this beautiful family.

Old friends, and quality time always make a day.

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Zach + Tara's Wedding {Weatherford, Texas}

With storms looming over the horizon, and wind gusts that beat up the reception tables before the wedding even began, it was a typical Texas summer wedding. But, Tara and Zach were blessed. The rain and even the wind had curbed their zest and zeal (at least until the very end of the ceremony) and gave way to a beautiful sunset and even a rainbow for the reception.

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Kenny + Brittany's Wedding - Fair Oaks Ranch Wedding {Boerne, Texas}

This wedding was an absolute dream to be a part of. Kenny and Brittany are two of the kindest souls you could ever meet. Their beautiful wedding was an accurate reflection of who they are as people and a result of the love they are surrounded with. 



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David + Rachel's Wedding - Marty Leonard Chapel Wedding Photographer {Ft. Worth, Texas}

Of all the weddings I have photographed over the past 13 years, none have been as emotional and exciting as this one - the wedding of my little sister.




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Dustin + Kelly's Wedding {Berleson, Texas}

This was the type of couple I had been looking for for years. It wasn't until a rebrand in 2014 that I started to connect with couples like Dustin and Kelly. Down to earth. Warm hearted. And open for anything. Trust cannot be under rated. These two gave to me their trust and I am so very grateful to them for that. 

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Robbie + Nicole's Wedding {Stockyards, Ft. Worth, Texas}

First thing's first,....this was an awesome wedding! With only a small gathering of their closest friends and family, Robbie and Nicole had the most wonderful wedding in North Fort Worth. Love and laughter abounded throughout the entire day. I can truly say that this was one of the best times I have ever had shooting a wedding. I was laughing and smiling from start to finish. Beautiful, relaxed, fun, loving, easy - all words I would use to describe this wedding. I am so thankful to have been a part of it, and to share these images here with you.


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Daniel + Robin's Wedding - TCU Robert Carr Chapel Wedding Photographer {Ft. Worth, Texas}

Robin and Dan. Two of the easiest people to get along with in the world. Loving and kind. Words that get thrown around a lot, but this pair is it. Their wedding was not only easy to be a part of, but these two care about everyone they encounter which is why the wedding they had was anything but fake. It was full of truth and joy. The moments they shared with friend and family were genuine and heartfelt and it spilled over to everyone who was lucky enough to attend. 

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Tim + Kristin's Wedding {Japanese Garden, Ft. Worth, Texas}

The first thing that comes to mind as I sit down to write this blog post is trust. This was a truly awesome wedding day. Some people might think of a big, grandiose sized wedding when they think of awesome weddings, but I think of things like truthkindnesslove, and honesty when I think of what an "awesome" wedding really is. This was that kind of wedding.

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