Frequently Asked Questions


Do you require a deposit?


  • To book your date we require 50% of the cost of the option you choose.

  • The remaining 50% is due 30 days before the wedding ceremony date, or 2 weeks before a "Slice Of Life" or "Portrait" session.


How many images will we receive?

  • It varies depending upon the amount of photography coverage.

  • From a 6hr wedding, you will receive approx 300-500 full resolution (printable), edited images.

  • From a 2hr-3hr "Slice Of Life" session, you will receive approx 75-175 full resolution (printable), edited images.

Will  you tell us what to do?

Short answer: No.

  • Our style is considered photojournalistic, or documentary in nature, which means we are very much 'hands off' in the way we photograph events. We observe and try to record what is real and truthful. 

  • We do like to have a very short *(15min) "creative portrait" session at one period of a wedding day. It is very natural and laid back, with very minimal direction. Just you two being, well, you! Honest and real. No "smile", or "hold your head this way". Just the two of you, focused on each other, for a brief period of time.