Annual Family Dove Hunt 2016 {Haskell, Texas}

Our annual family dove hunt is pretty much a guarantee to being a great time; surrounded by family the entire weekend brings to mind the old ways of living. Everyone is a part of the work. The group, as a whole, works as one unit: all the adults help watch and care fore the children. Everyone pitches in on the meals and clean up. There is a sense of close knit community is this environment and it makes me think of the small village life that we humans used to live in (after all, we are pack creatures); and I feel that getting away from that and living 'on our own' has proven detrimental to our mental, spiritual, and physical well being. At least a little. Which is why this annual trip to Haskell, Texas is a bit of a battery charge for me. I don't even look at the clock when I'm out there (except to wake up). I usually come back refreshed and clear-headed.   

It's holiday for me, Texas style.